Posted on 2024-05-25
Sian Reese-Williams Sian Reese-Williams

Large serving bowl

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Product Description

Handmade in black stoneware clay and finished in a motters green-blue matte glaze with brown undertones.

Organically poured, the glaze on each bowl will be totally unique, with textures, layering and colouring impossible to replicate.

Slight variations in size and colour are to be expected with handmade ceramics.

Approx size: H12cm Diameter: 21cm

Care & Maintenance

Dishwasher safe but handwash is always recommended

Sian Reese-Williams

Meet the Artist

Sian started her ceramics journey in 2021. Her other job is as an actor, and having just finished filming a show that was very close to her heart, she knew she needed a distraction and a creative outlet. As her love for clay grew and grew, something else amazing happened. Not only was having a creative outlet away from the creativity of acting an absolute gift, but the effect it had on her mental health was transformative. The career of an actor is tenuous and ever-changing - and that can be scary. So when she sits at the wheel with a lump of clay and all the possibilities of what it can turn it into - her mind is completely consumed by it. No space for anything else. And that, for Sian, is priceless.

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