Posted on 2024-01-12
Mette Ceramics Mette Ceramics

Big Sur Pedestal Bowl

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A perfect composition of balance and utility. Grogged raw clay with satin cream glaze inside the bowl. The fruit bowl can be used for fruit, flowers, or as is. Sand from Big Sur in CA is mixed in native UK clay. Please note that each item is made by hand therefore design, measurements, and effects may slightly vary.

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Mette Ceramics

Meet the Artist

Rendl Clark founded Mette Ceramics in 2020. Mette Ceramics specializes in timeless objects for everyday use. Working at her studio in East London, all pieces are made completely by hand through a sustainable process. A ceramicist with over a decade of experience, Rendl draws upon her background in contemporary art, entrepreneurship, and interior design to create special one-of-a-kind pieces for the home. Her latest collection, Carved Bodies.Wavy Edges.Curves. launched in September. The new collection utilizes different clay bodies to juxtapose three topographies, mountains, city, and coast. Many of the pieces combine sand from her native Big Sur Coastline and British clay bodies. Together, the pieces create a conversation between belonging, taking up space, and edging toward conspicuity.

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