Posted on 2024-06-11
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Product Description

🌟 Handcrafted Teapot 🌟
💁We would like to provide you with more information about our ceramic teapots made using the Topi kanna technique.

The Topi kanna technique is a traditional Japanese ceramic technique. In this technique, clay is molded to the desired shape, and then patterns are created using liquid clay (slip). We use this technique along with black clay to produce our teapots.

Each teapot is handmade, making each one unique. Each piece offered to you is akin to a work of art and will become a special part of your collection.

The sources of inspiration for our teapots are often Japanese traditional patterns and elements inspired by nature. Each of our designs has a story and meaning behind it.

The black clay we use contributes to the aesthetics and durability of our products. Its natural properties make our products unique and ensure their longevity.
Living in London is a part of our identity and influences our work and designs, reflecting the cultural richness of the city.

By providing you with this information, we hope you gain a better understanding of our teapots and appreciate these unique artworks more closely. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

🎨 Aesthetic Design: With their elegant and modern design, these teapots will captivate every tea enthusiast. Each detail is carefully crafted, resulting in a stunning appearance.

🌿 High Quality: Made from high-quality ceramic material, these teapots are durable and long-lasting. Their design is suitable for daily use and stands out with its quality.

Care & Maintenance

For a longer lifespan of the products, hand washing is recommended. However, they are dishwasher and microwave safe.


Meet the Artist

Each ceramic object carries a unique potential, and this creative process enchants me. As I shape them, I believe each has its own story, uniqueness, and special meaning. Adding narratives to these objects and inviting viewers on this special journey always excites me. Throughout my ceramic journey, I've received training in Japanese techniques specifically focusing on ceramic teapots. In this process, learning the intricacies of traditional techniques and integrating my modern creativity into this rich heritage has been invaluable to me. Each teapot becomes not only a skillfully crafted object but also a unique piece of art imbued with profound meanings.

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