Posted on 2024-02-08
Tracey Tracey

Floating Pot (wild swimming)

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Product Description

Little moon H14cm x W14cm

Inspired by the reasons and emotions we have to wild swim.

We all bare marks from life and they remain on our and influence our emotional well being. This jar is a reminder that even though we feel battered by life you as a vessel remain intact. You still float.

Each jar is uniquely splattered with cobalt that represents the times when life takes our breath away like cold water splashing on your face.

Care & Maintenance

Wash with soap & Water


Meet the Artist

Tracey is a Northern Irish landscape ceramic artist who works with nature to make vessels that seek to connect us to our Irish shoreline. Tracey has lived and worked from the north coast of Ireland, Belfast and most recently, Strangford Lough. After having supported her family and seen them all through university, she took the opportunity to study Ceramics and Ulster University at the age of 50 and fulfil a lifelong dream of becoming a landscape artist. She completed her degree in 2021 obtaining a BA, Hon’s 1st Class. She now seeks to make vessels that can connect people to the Irish coastline, not just as an image but as a living representation of history, memory and locality, allowing the owner of the vessel to connect to Ireland, weather they are living here or further afield.

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