Posted on 2024-04-15
Ren Zhi Ren Zhi

Icicle Copper Edition

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Product Description

Introducing the 'Icicle' Vase with a oxidised copper finish, which presents Minimalistic organic forms and curves inspired by nature. The soft subtle curves play delicately and subtly with light, with a unique slender icicle-like shape - like a drop of water falling in fluid motion from the pull of gravity. The oxidised copper finish creates a beautiful green colour, with hints of shimmering copper. A stylish addition to any contemporary living room or bedroom, this unique and original design vase has a 1.5cm inner width opening for you to create minimalistic elegant dried flower or ikebana arrangements; perfect for showcasing a singular stunning stem. Available in off-white (although other colours can be possible via request).

I hand-casted these through a unique slip-casting method using AC730 Jesmonite (that has a similar materiality to Portland Cement) which was poured into 3D printed moulds I designed and printed in-house. Due to each vase being made individually, there may be imperfections and slight colour differences. You may also see mould lines which have been filed and sanded as best as possible.

Care & Maintenance

Colour may change overtime via patination of copper

Ren Zhi

Meet the Artist

Ren is a young creator working as an Architectural designer in London. He studied at the Bartlett School of Architecture where all his projects were focused on blurring the boundaries between nature and the built environment. He is originally from Malaysia where nature was always around him, whether that be the rainforest his house was situated in, or his grandmother's tropical garden. He started creating these designs after work and in his free time as he needed a creative outlet for himself to express abstractions of forms and shapes that constraints within Architecture do not allow for. His designs derive from his love for organic forms, biomorphisms and curves, and he tries to produce a sense of delight and curiosity in people through his objects. He uses a combination of digital technologies including 3D printing and modelling paired with analogue processes of slip casting and hand finishes.

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