Posted on 2024-03-25
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Carved decorative vase

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Product Description

Handmade decorative vase made of stoneware white clay and finished with a transparent glaze. This piece has been wheel thrown and then decorated using the carving technique over blue slip.
Its simple and unique design makes it easy to incorporate into any decor style, with or without arranged flowers in it as a stand-alone piece.

Dimensions: Height: 11.5cm - 4.5" Width: 16.5cm - 6.5" . Please note all dimensions are approximate and the colour of the item may vary slightly from the picture. This piece is handmade and hand decorated therefore could be small imperfections.

Care & Maintenance

Hand washing is recommended to preserve longevity.


Meet the Artist

Playing and creating with clay sparked freedom, a sense of endless possibilities and a light-hearted childlike energy within Serena. Learning how to throw on the pottery wheel was not easy, it was a steep learning curve but it taught her the essential elements of pottery: focus, detachment and persistence. Decorating the pieces is an essential part of her creative process. Through the painting and decoration, she feels, she can truly express her uniqness, translating into landscapes of colors and shapes her inner world of imagination. She loves using the sgraffito and paper resist technique to paint the pottery and what inspire her is the nature that surrounds, especially flowers, or repetition of patterns on objects that she finds particularly interesting. She likes to create tableware or home-decor items that spark a cozy and warm feeling in simple ordinary days.

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