Posted on 2024-02-14
Marielle Marielle

Oblong planter - Autumn leaves

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Product Description

The unique shape of this planter is designed to house plants which like to spread out, or can be used to pair up a couple of plants together! Perfect for placing on a window sill where the planter will catch the light.

Inspired by Autumn, layers of poppy red, umber and khaki glazes marry with the natural tones of the ceramic and will compliment all kinds of luscious green leaves. The hand painted glazes create wonderful colour relations around the piece, offering multiple aspects and possibilities for display. This planter is hand built with a crank clay which gives a lovely sandy texture to the surface, and really makes the glazes shimmer.

- Unique one of a kind
- Features protective pads on the base
- Watertight
- Can be used indoors or outdoors
- No drainage holes so can be used as a container for plants potted in small plastic pots, or planted directly into with plants that don't require drainage - e.g. succulents.

H 9cm
D 13cm
W 34cm

Inner -
H 7.5cm
D 11.5cm
W 32cm

The handmade nature of this piece means that it bears the signs of its making.

Care & Maintenance



Meet the Artist

Marielle is a painter but her practice engages with a wide range of materials, organic and synthetic. Ceramics are an important part of her practice. She loves working with this humble earth material, to create artistic responses to the land we inhabit. She enjoys the tactility of clay, and create simple forms that bear the mark of their making, which are then glazed in a style inspired by her paintings. Her work is influenced by land and the natural world and through colour and form she hopes to evoke little sensations that can be experienced outside. Ceramics is a slow medium and through hand building, she takes the time to invest each piece with care. The forms she makes are designed for plants; containers, nests, homes, in which they can flourish.

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