Mar 31, 24


Top Picks for Minimalist Modern Interiors

Unsplash — Credits Mesut çiçen

Minimalism and modern design go hand-in-hand, and Carve offers a beautiful selection of handcrafted ceramic pieces that perfectly complement this aesthetic.

Here are some top picks to elevate your minimalist modern space:


Nepenthes Vase | Available on Carve

Sculptural Vase: A sculptural vase in a neutral tone, a stylish addition to any contemporary living room or bedroom, this unique and original design vase has a large opening for you to create elegant bouquets and dried flower/ikebana arrangements., adds a touch of organic form and texture while remaining a functional piece.


Donut Vase | Available on Carve

Donut Vase: This statement donut vase slightly tilts to one side offering the illusion of suspension. There is a hole positioned on the side for flowers creating a unique composition and sculptural form.


Layered Candle Holder | Available on Carve

Minimalist Candle Holder: The Monochrome Candle Holder provides a clean and modern way to add soft lighting and ambiance to your space. The layered candle holder is a whimsical addition to any surface.


Icicle Vase | Available on Carve

Icicle Vase: Minimalistic organic forms and curves inspired by nature. The soft subtle curves play delicately and subtly with light, with a unique slender icicle-like shape — like a drop of water falling in fluid motion from the pull of gravity. A stylish addition to any contemporary living room or bedroom, this unique and original design vase has a 1.5cm inner width opening for you to create minimalistic elegant dried flower or ikebana arrangements; perfect for showcasing a singular stunning stem.


Milk Bottle Vase in Porcelain | Available on Carve

Milk Bottle Vase in Porcelain: Inspired by deliveries of milk and the creamy-white colour of porcelain clay. Handbuilt in Hackney, east London out of stoneware & porcelain clay and glazed by hand in transparent and honey glazes.


Double Half Moon | Available on Carve

Double Half Moon: Made of sleepy dreams, the Double Half Moon sculpture can hold flowers, candles, or both. Crafted from white stoneware mixed with Big Sur sand this piece tells a story of arcs and oceans, showcase a beautiful textured finish and a neutral palette. Handmade in East London


Decorative Cake Stand | Available on Carve

Decorative Cake Stand is a wonderful companion for any occasion. It’s the perfect size for a home-baked treat or an elevated cheese plate or simply displaying as a decorative piece on your dining table. Easily fits a cake made in a 22cm springform pan.


Tall Pedestal Vase | Available on Carve

Tall Pedestal Vase: A perfect composition of balance and utility. Grogged raw clay with big sur sand and satin cream glaze poured on the outside. The big sur vase is a statement with or without flowers. Please note that each item is made by hand therefore design, measurements, and effects may slightly vary. Made by hand in East London.

Remember, these are just a few suggestions to get you started!

Carve offers a wide range of unique and handcrafted pieces that can be incorporated into your minimalist modern space. Explore the collection to find pieces that resonate with your personal style and create a truly unique and serene environment.